A few months ago, while visiting Nashville, we stumbled across one of the world’s most glorious inventions: the cupcake ATM.

At one point in time, someone must have decided that cutting cake was too much. I am not sure how this came about. I like to imagine that they were frustrated with not being able to cut equal slices for everyone. The kids complained, and they thought, what if everyone just had their own individual-sized cakes? Then, no one would have to fight over the larger slice of cake. 

Whatever the thought process, this delight of a dessert got even better when someone decided to put them in a vending machine. The only thing better than getting fresh cash out of an ATM is getting cupcakes out of one.

We all peeked inside the store, which was just as cute inside as it was from the outside.

But ultimately, we decided why buy a cupcake inside a store when you could get one from a fancy ATM machine?

Of course, we had to document our excitement as we received our little bites of heaven. And they were so good! If you ever make it down to Nashville, I highly recommend stopping by Sprinkles for a cupcake.