‘Tis the season to give your friends ridiculous Christmas gifts. Figuring out what to buy takes forever! Forget Black Friday. Save some time this Thanksgiving for stuffing your face spending with family, and be the star of the Christmas party with the #1 White Elephant gift.

1. Clip In Man Bun

In case you haven’t heard, 2015 is the year of the man bun. Help your boyfriend or best guy friend fit in this season with this gem of a hair accessory. And can you believe that 85% discount?! What a deal!

2. Kale T-Shirt

Who needs a Yale T-shirt when you can have the obviously superior Kale T-shirt? Nobody actually goes to Yale anyway. And everyone LOVES kale!

3. Giant Carrot for Loneliness

Priced at $100 this is quite the commitment. But you will definitely take a bite out of the competition with this one. Plus, you could potentially be helping a single friend make it through the holidays. Who needs a boyfriend when you have a carrot to cuddle with?

4. Unicorn Ski Mask for Glasses Wearers

How many times have you caught yourself thinking, Why don’t they make ski masks that don’t discriminate against glasses wearers? I’m sure it’s caused many sleepless nights. But don’t fret, THE SOLUTION IS HERE.

5. Flask Tie

James Bond had a watch that helped him save the day. Give your friends the gift that will save the night.

6. Mini Beer Pong

Can’t fit a pong table in your tiny college apartment? The beer pong gods have answered your prayers. With this gift your friends will be the hit of EVERY college party.

7. Portable Wine Sack

Forget Franzia. Make slapping the bag classy with the present that allows you to bring your wine anywhere.

8. Flask Book Box

Because who actually reads books in college?

With these gifts, your friends will definitely leave saying, “All I want for Christmas is [insert your name here].” May your Christmas party be as successful of as the sales of these well-reviewed gold mines.