One of the worst feelings in college is the moment when you realize that you have more than one test on in a day or within the span of a couple of days. You have to have your priorities straight. This is not the time to procrastinate, because you are on double duty. Unfortunately, this means making sacrifices, especially in your social life.

While studying for multiple tests you might experience a rollercoaster of emotions:

Stage 1: It’s going to be okay. I can do this.

Stage 2: Which one should I study first?

Stage 3: Why do professors keep giving us more new information so close to the test?

Stage 4: Maybe if I keep alternating between the subjects I won’t burn out so quickly.

Stage 5: I need study breaks, don’t I?

Stage 6: I can’t do this. I repeat, I cannot do this.

Stage 7: My GPA might suffer, but I have to make a choice: which class do I have a better chance in?

Stage 8: This is cruel. Why can’t my professors coordinate so that I don’t have more than one test within a 48 hour period?

Stage 9: Okay, we are getting somewhere. I think I might actually be retaining some of this information.

Stage 10: *Takes practice test*: I know nothing.

Stage 11: Maybe I should review “X” some more.

Stage 12: I should have paid more attention in lecture.

Stage 13: How much longer do I really have to do this?

Stage 14: My brain can’t possibly hold any more information.

Stage 15: *Day of the tests*: All right, I’ve done all I can. Let’s hope the scantron gods can show me some mercy today.

The silver lining in all of this is knowing that you will have a little room to recover once you knock out these tests. Of course in college, professors don’t miss a beat in giving you more to worry about, but you will feel relief when it is all over. Don’t stress too much. It probably seems like a lot right now, but know you are not alone in this. You can do this!

*This post was originally published on Her Campus.