While spending some time back home can be fun, there are so many reasons that you are itching to back on campus. You might not be ready to make the climb up Bascom or drop a few hundred dollars on textbooks, but those just happen to come along with the many benefits of being back in town.

1.This is where a lot of your friends are now

It’s fun to see friends from home, but there is nothing like getting back and catching up with your college friends after a long summer apart.

2. The Terrace
With the Terrace closing on September 1st for construction, the first thing you probably wanted to do was get back and soak up as much sun as you could on those orange, yellow, and green chairs. It’s too bad that these last couple weeks of summer feel more like early October than late August. Wisconsin summers are short enough, couldn’t we have a little more sunshine?
3. You get to deck out your new place

It’s time to decide which posters make the cut. And who could forget about the Christmas lights?
4. Babcock Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Babcock.
5.  State Street

Find someone to let you into the Hub. Just kidding—no, but really. Also while you are there, stop in the brand new and vibrant Colectivo. There are so many things to do and places to eat on State Street. Sure we have a Wendy’s and an Urban Outfitters, but you have to enjoy some of the shops and restaurants that are unique to State Street, too!

6. Badger Football games

Who wouldn’t be pumped to back in the sea of red? Badgers have some of the best school spirit around, and we cannot wait to be back cheering on our team!
7. Greenbush Donuts

It’s only $1 for heavenly goodness.
8. Ian’s Pizza

Late night pizza? Count me in.
9. Free movies

Miss the free movies on the Terrace throughout the summer? Well, there are still plenty of free screenings of pretty recent movies at the Marquee in Union South frequently. Don’t forget to check out what is playing through WUD Films!
10. Picnic Point

Reserve a spot at Picnic Point, and enjoy the beautiful nature by Lake Mendota before it gets too cold!
11. Lake Mendota

Speaking of the wonderful Lake Mendota, there are so many great water activities to do through Hoofers. Whether you want to learn to sail or just admire the water, having this great lake right on campus is definitely one of ours school’s many allures.
12. Napping on Bascom Hill

No one actually likes to climb Bascom, but when it’s just warm enough to soak up the sun, it is a great place to be. There are plenty of people napping, reading, studying, or just hanging out on one of the most recognizable spots on campus.

Welcome back, Badgers!