Recently, I wrote a post “College Guys: Expectations VS Reality” poking fun at the way TV shows and movies give many girls high expectations for dating possibilities in college. So I felt it was only fair to point out that these types of comical generalizations* can go both ways.

Girls don’t have it all figured out either. Liking someone can make us act different ways too–no matter what we try to do to fight it. Meeting a cool guy is fun. Maybe you get butterflies in your stomach, and his presence makes you smile.  But that feeling you get can make you do some pretty funny things.

Things can go a little bit like this sometimes:

Girl meets boy.

You want to get his attention.

You try to play cool. Laugh at his jokes.

But you don’t want to come on too strong.

You are sure that you guys really could have something.

 He texts you.
Maybe you start hanging out, and people start asking questions. 
Then you start over-thinking it. 

You can already anticipate yourself messing it up.

Sometimes, you can’t help but think:

People ask you why you’re single.

And anyway,

It doesn’t seem like things are going anywhere.

But then you see him again, and think:

It’s an emotional roller coaster. So until you find the guy that it really works out with, at least you have your friends and your high expectations of what it would really be like if for once things worked out. In the mean time, Gilmore Girls is now on Netflix. So what more do you need?

*Always remember these (like with most articles of this type) are totally generalizations. And you might not be able to relate at all. But what I like about these posts is that you can usually get a little laugh from the gifs and appreciate that some people find a bit of truth in some of these.