Freak-outs, Finals, and Other Fun

It’s that time of year: Finals Week. This is definitely the least merrily time of December, despite the holiday decorations and the cheerful music lightly playing throughout the halls. Every door is closed, some with a college kid behind them engulfing a textbook in attempt to learn a semesters worth of content in a matter of days. Other rooms are vacant, while the occupants are practically chained to a desk in the library.
 Netflix and sleep hold the greatest temptation. All anyone wants to do is lie in bed and watch endless episodes of shows like New Girl and Breaking Bad. Instead, our minds are consumed with equations and complex concepts, hoping that we they will stay in our brains long enough to pass the exams.
Some Motivation
It’s crunch time. Grab your textbooks and your highlighters; we’re going on a journey to the end of our sanity. But don’t stress too much, because if your stress level is too high, then you won’t perform as well. I’ve learned it’s all about finding a happy balance. Don’t spend every last second cramming information from the last 15 weeks in 2 days. Hit the important points and take little breaks to relax your mind.
When I have a moment of panic about tests, I take a step back and think about the things that I have to look forward after. Sleep. Family. Home. Friends. Cookies (It’s that time of year). Christmas. Also, I look back at the rest of semester, and I realize that I had my time. I have made such great friends, and I have had such great experiences. Now it’s time to show what else we got out of this semester. 
Some people that keep me motivated