What Could You Find on the Big Wide Web?

Taylor Swift has taken a new outlook on relationships. From “You Belong With Me” a song about a boy who’s with the wrong girl to “Speak Now” a boy about to marry the wrong girl, Swift is often trying to snag the right guy. But now, she says “We are never ever, ever getting back together.” Check out her new video here.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is more than an awkward teen in “10 Things I Hate About You” or a part in the mind-blowing blockbuster “Inception.” He’s RegularJOE with hitRECord productions. Join the online collaborative production company to make things with creative minds across the country.

If you like food at all: read this blog post. This “Baker Girl” totally understands me. We are on the same page with everything. (Especially the part about brownies. Spot on) And yum! Those treats look delicious.

Hand made gifts anyone? These are adorable. 

Anyone catch Eastwood’s speech at the Republican Convention Thursday night? The New York Times made the connection with his talking to a chair and the Simpsons. 

What else could you find on the big wide web?