The Good Life (AKA Summer Nights)

Summer’s the perfect time to do everything that you don’t have time to do during the school year. Like have fun. Last Thursday, I got to do one of my favorite things with two of my favorite people. To anyone who knows me well, it’s no surprise that I love going to concerts. But I’ve never gotten to see a musical group or singer in this type of environment so close. 
The Dirty Heads (who I barely knew before and love now) were less than fifteen feet away from us with no one in between us. Tristan Prettyman (who I have loved for years) was the same distance from us singing “My Oh My” about my favorite singer Jason Mraz. The weirdest part is I’m seeing him live on September 16th. I remember being thrilled when I heard they were engaged and disappointed when I heard they broke up. But they sure made good music out of both instances. I will forever love “Shy That Way.” Only now I love “My Oh My” and “I Won’t Give Up” too. 
Oak on the Water was an absolutely unforgettable experience.\The Dirty Heads. Tristan Prettyman. Summer. Great friends. How much better does it get?