15% Weird, 50 % Unique, 35% Talent, and 100% Reason to Be Yourself

The purpose of this video on individuality is to show that striving to be different doesn’t always make you unique. In trying to be different many people end up seeming strange. But being unique is actually about finding a quality or interest you have that is something different from most people and embracing it. The target audience is teenagers being that many of the images are part of pop culture and they are more likely to recognize the faces, and therefore, understand why these people were chosen. 

The video begins with a picture of snowflakes. Underneath the picture there is a caption that says “INDIVIDUALITY: Always remember that you are unique. Just like everybody else.” I used this picture because I wanted to show that everyone is different like the fact that there are no two identical snowflakes. But the caption changes the message of the image. I also want to show that everyone is trying to be unique. Since everyone is trying to be unique, there is less individuality. 
The next picture is of Cee Lo Green in a bird costume. This image is supposed to show that being different can sometimes be seen as being weird because this costume is outrageous. The next picture is Katy Perry with pink hair and a kimono. Pink is not a natural hair color nor are kimonos typically worn by Caucasian Americans. The next two pictures are of Lady Gaga but there isn’t as much time spent on them. They flash by so quickly because Lady Gaga strives to be weird, thus her pictures usually appear strange at first glance. Also, they lead into another picture with a caption about Individuality. I wanted to spend more time on this photo then on Gaga because it shows average people that look ridiculous rather than someone who is trying to be recognized in the spotlight. It is three people who are purposely odd looking and it says, “INDIVIDUALITY: ‘Cause everybody’s doing it.” This shows that it is almost like peer pressure and trying to be different isn’t always a good thing. 
I spend more time on the next picture to let the viewer digest the picture. It’s a camera with a quote that says “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” The purpose of this picture is to when the camera comes out, it should be to take a picture of the real you, not the “unique” person you are trying to be. It also serves as a transition as the music changes. This section is to show talents and characteristics that make people unique without trying to different. There is a black and white picture and the only thing in color is an orange bench. This will draw the viewer’s eye to the bench, showing individuality in a positive light. 
There are two pictures of movies with crowds of people dancing because they look happy and show off their talents in a positive way. Then the next two pictures are of a flash mob on Modern Family because it is again showing a group of people coming together to dance in a unique way. In both sets of pictures everyone is dancing together. The first picture from Modern Family shows Mitch (the redheaded man in the front) with a huge smile on his face and his fist high. He isn’t being strange or striving to be different; he is simply being himself. Then there is a picture of a gymnast flying through the air. This take a tremendous amount of talent and dedication, and no one sees this being weird. She is doing what she loves. 
The song changes one last time as the video transitions into a video of a guy unicycling.  The point of the video is to show the viewers that anyone can be unique. This is a seemingly normal teenage boy from the suburbs, and yet there is something incredibly unique about him. He is defying every stereotype about what it takes to be different. This kind of talent isn’t achieved by throwing on some feathers or a kimono. It shows being unique isn’t about trying to be famous and get the spotlight. Being unique is about being yourself and showing anyone who is willing to watch. 
The final picture is about a flower made out of different colored fingerprints. Everyone has different fingerprints. It is a final example of showing that our true selves are beautiful. This shows everyone is different, and that is the good thing. Without trying, we are all unique in our own ways. 
The first song is called “Anything But Ordinary” by Avril Lavigne. The drums are playing a steady—somewhat calm—beat. The lyrics correspond with the pictures because she is talking about being weird and wanting to be anything but ordinary. The pictures in this section are supposed to show that these people are weird.

The second song is “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. It immediately fits the first image that is saying to “Be Yourself.” I made the song start there so that it would fit with the image and enhance the argument. It is an upbeat positive song about accepting who you are. The lyrics also correspond with the picture when Mitch from Modern Family is raising his fist she sings “I was born this way.” This shows an empowered person proud to be who he is. 
The final song begins with the video. It is called “Remember The Name” by Fort Minor. I chose this song because not only does it show how much talent this takes, but the lyrics show that it is something worth paying attention to. The lyrics “He doesn’t need his name up in lights” and “He feels so unlike everybody else,” demonstrate that this talent isn’t about being famous but it makes him different. 

Kyle Alviani
“Anything But Ordinary” Avril Lavigne
“Born This Way” Lady Gaga
“Remember the Name” (Clean) Fort Minor