Blogging, Unicycling, and Other Extreme Sports

In a world driven by thrill, we have become very hard to please. People want bigger, better, faster, stronger. We want new toys to excite and entertain us, whether we are five or forty five. The time for innovation and creativity is now. In the last half of a century we have stimulated the desire to create, design, and entertain.
We seek to please. Those who are labeled “People Pleasers” are often seeking to create their own self pleasure with a less direct route of fulfillment. In the business of entertaining this is a very vital concept. Entertainers are meant to bring joy to the audience, but in doing so they are bringing joy to themselves. Arenas, fields, and stadiums are filled with eager sports fans looking to enjoy a game. They are also filled with athletes with their own agenda.
The internet has become a well-known medium for the notion of self pleasure. It is one of biggest, if not the biggest, innovations by mankind. This has created a whole new source of entertainment, as well as a new place for entertainers to perform. The online world of entertainment has created new rhetoric that has become familiar to most people, whether you are a frequent user of the internet or a seldom browser. We have created new verbs such as, “Google it,” or “I just Tweeted…” Social networking has replaced, “Call me,” with “Facebook me.”  We are all familiar with, “Youtubers,” or frequent users of Youtube and those who upload videos. “Bloggers” are those who use blogs as a form of communication. Bloggers seek pleasure in writing about their interests, and reading the most notable blogs. They wish to entertain at the risk of going to the extremes to scream, “READ ME!”
Youtube is the epitome of online pleasure. It is filled with videos of people singing, attempting comedy, showing off their talents, and teaching others how to do what they do best. Every Youtuber is seeking to outshine the other. This is because we are aware that people want bigger, better, faster, stronger. We verge on extreme trying to fulfill our growing desires. Youtube is filled with videos of epic motocross crashes, 360˚ spins on snowboards, and even unicyclers showing off their street skills. Everyone wants their moment to shine, because we all believe we are extremely entertaining.