Star Studio at Children’s Minnesota, St. Paul, MN              April 2018-May 2021

Production Assistant

  • Run tech for live shows 4-5 days a week
  • Co-produce brand new live show through a partnership with PiM Arts High School
  • Film and edit content for our in-house TV Channel
  • Upload videos/web content to the Star Studio Website using Vimeo and WordPress

Self Employed, Minneapolis, MN                                                  July 2019-Present

Freelance User Experience Designer

  • Designed and built an online shop with the goal of expanding the business from Instagram to online sales
  • Performed user testing, along with user research and competition analysis

WINK News, Fort Myers, FL                                                                        June 2017-April 2018


  • Produce two one-hour newscasts and cut-ins on weekend mornings
  • Produce one-hour newscast on weekday mornings three times a week
  • Head producer on weekend mornings, oversee other shows
  • Help find stories and write for other shows
  • Produced coverage during Hurricane Irma — as WINK was on the air for 80+ hours for continuous coverage
  • Upload videos/web content to the WINK website using Anvato and WordPress

Wisconsin Public Television, Madison WI                                    September 2014-May 2017

Production Crew Member

  • Operate camera (Sony HDC 900) and teleprompter for recordings on programs like Here and Now, Sewing with Nancy, and 30 Minute Music Hour
  • Assistant direct and floor manage live programs, responsible for facilitating dialogue between the studio and control room
  • Producer training with News and Public Affairs department

Managing Editor, Social Media Director, and Writer                      September 2014-May 2017

  • Write, edit, and upload articles to be published for a nationally ranked chapter with over 35,000 page views monthly
  • Increase chapter outreach and viewership by managing social media accounts, primarily Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

Other Videography

  • Filmed and edited Moosically Inclined (film shot with Jessie Brandmeier) for Communication Arts 355
  • Wrote, directed, filmed and edited Disconnected for Communication Arts 355
  • Director of Photography and actress for The Key to the Heart: Unlocked for Communication Arts 468
  • Producer of a music video for a local band for Communication Arts 468. “Soil” by Laundry.
  • Editor of a commercial for a local restaurant, The Nitty Gritty.
  • Production Crew Member at Wisconsin Public Television
  • Freelancer with Big Ten Network
  • Videographer with L&S Learning Support Services at University of Wisconsin-Madison


  • Theatre 150 and Theatre 250 at University of Wisconsin-Madison
    • Theatre 150: Introduction to Acting with John Cooper
    • Theatre 250: Fundamentals of Acting with Scott Cummins
  • Actress for videos in Communication Arts 355, Communication Arts 467, Communication Arts 468
RELEVANT COURSEWORK at the University of Wisconsin Madison
Advanced Courses: 
Communication Arts 465 – Editing and Post Production for Videos and Film
Communication Arts 468 – Producing for Internet Videos and TV
Communication Arts 466 – Writing for TV and Film
Communication Arts 552 – Contemporary Hollywood Cinema
Communication Arts 613 – The Films of Alfred Hitchcock
Communication Arts 450: Cultural History of American Broadcasting
Other Film Studies and Digital Production Courses:
Communication Arts 355 – Intro to video editing
Communication Arts 155 – Intro to Digital Media
Communication Arts 368 – Critical Internet Studies
Communication Arts 350 – Intro to Film
Communication Arts 351 – Television Industries
Communication Arts 577 – Dynamics of Online Relationships
Other Relevant Courses: 
Journalism 201 – Intro to Mass Communication
Theatre 150 – Introduction to Acting
Theatre 250 – Fundamentals of Acting

Art 176 – Digital Photography