My Other Blogs

Rechared Beauty Blog

When I’m not writing on Life in the Lost and Found Bin, you might be able to find me on Recharged Beauty.

My hopes with this blog is to be able to post inspiring or informational stuff that will leave people feeling positive or motivated. Everyone could use a little something to get them going sometimes.

Most of the time I will probably post about things that inspired me or made me think. It’s kind of a way to creatively pass on the positive energy.

This summer I have also started a blog about my adventures with my little sister, Sydney. The Summer of Sydney. She is about to turn 4, so we have a lot of cuteness to spread around.

I want to share the cute/funny/shocking stuff that comes out of her mouth, along with the activities we do, and the places we go.

Keeping Up with Sydney and Taylor may not be as scandalous as Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but I hope to keep my readers entertained. Meet Sydney, here.

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