Lately, I have not been on my blogger game. I have been slacking, and for a few reasons:

Why I am Failing at Blogging

1. I am a full time student. 

Junior year is in full effect. And boy am I feeling it. I’m drowning in an endless sea of midterms and projects. Work keeps going from being super busy to only a shift a week, and it is always the worst when I have no time to spare. I barely have enough time to get all of my homework done, nonetheless keep up a blog.

2. I am prioritizing a lot of over blogging. 

My number one priority is school, followed by work, maintaining my relationships with family and friends, and being an active member in all of my extra-curriculars. Since becoming a managing editor for Her Campus, my schedule has filled up even more, and while I love the position, it has sure added an extra stress.

3. I am not keeping up with other blogs. 

I wish that I had time to read my favorite blogs all the time. Thankfully, some of my favorite bloggers are also full time college students, or trying to adjust to life outside of college. So they are in the same boat, and not posting as much nowadays. But I really need to start actively reading other people’s work more!

4. I am not making a big enough effort on social media. 

While I have been trying to participate a little more on Twitter lately, I haven’t been interacting with other bloggers enough. I haven’t been posting enough articles. And the only reason I have been posting on Facebook is to share Her Campus articles, and occasionally I sprinkle in some other article sources to spice it up a bit. Don’t even mention Instagram or Pinterest, or anything else that I don’t even have time to think about these days. I’m lucky if I get the chance scroll through Instagram for a few minutes twice a week.

5. I am questioning my motivations for blogging. 

This one has been on my mind for a little while. I read a post on The Daily Tay over the summer that really resonated with me about her motivations for blogging. I can’t remember the exact title of the post, but she was explaining her desire to write more creative fiction stories, instead of blogging as much. She also felt like she was blogging for some of the wrong reasons or the posts that she wrote were just geared to getting more page views. And I have definitely felt that! I have been trying to make more of an effort to write about subjects that are important to me, rather than click-bait listicles that I have become accustomed to because of Her Campus. Don’t get me wrong, I love Her Campus and I love blogging. But sometimes I want to go back to what this blog really started as, and I want to show my authentic self. I don’t want to just share lists of things that people might get a laugh out of.

I know that I haven’t been doing such a great job lately, but I promise to be better. That doesn’t mean I’ll be posting on here 5 times a week. I certainly don’t have time for that. And my priorities will probably remain the same for now, because I really value my education (I mean I should with how many thousands of dollars I am spending on it). But I intend to create more meaningful content when I can that reflects my own values and personality, while trying to provide some value for my readers, as well.

Thank you so much to everyone that takes the time to make this little space of the Internet so special to me. I truly appreciate everyone that supports me so much!

Is there anything you could improve upon?