Every girl has a different relationship and level of closeness with her guy friends. But there are some things you can always count on from your best guy friends. As much as we love our girl friends, our guy friends are a necessary part of our lives. You might not be able to have an in depth conversation about their fantasy league, but you know that it is just part of the package. And you are definitely grateful to have them in your life anyway.

Here are some of the many reasons to be thankful for your guy friends:

1. They can give you a different perspective on things

2. They look out for you

3. They are always down for food

4. They will make sure you are educated on the important stuff

5. They will keep things exciting

6. They have weird problems that you pretend to understand, because they pretend to understand yours

7. They always have a weird way of saying something to make you feel better

Guys, I know this is an uber cheesy post, but I hope you know it’s kind of cool that you’re in my life or something.  Anyway, cheesy moment over. Well, one more thing: thanks for always being super encouraging and supportive. I’m pretty lucky to have you guys around.