This time of year is always bittersweet. I will admit it is nice to get back into some sort of routine after a long summer. But summer. It’s no secret I am in love with summer. It has come to a close, and it is time to accept all that comes along with the beginning of a new semester. We still many adventures. So before we really begin focusing on school, let me tell you about the memories I made at the end of summer.        

Girls Night // The girls are back, and life is good. It felt so good to have a girls night and catch up. Plus, catching up in a rooftop hot tub with a view of the Capitol in the background wasn’t all that bad.
Chicago // I have only been twice (both times for the day), but I love it already. Hopefully one day I will get to spend some more time there. But I had a wonderful day with some of the girls exploring the city. From our cliche Bean pictures to walking around Navy Pier it was a day to remember.

Breakfast food // I love breakfast. I am convinced I could eat breakfast food for every meal and be content. If it weren’t for pizza, I might try. The avocado toast is something I love making myself. The breakfast sandwich and potatoes are from a place called, Mickie’s Dairy Bar. People have been talking about this place since I got on campus, and it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I finally went. I didn’t even want to try something new the second time I went, because I liked this so much the first time. Then, in Minneapolis we went to a place called Black Coffee and Waffle Bar. My waffle had cream cheese frosting, strawberries, and whipped cream. Needless to say it was the best waffle I have ever had. 
Surprise Concert // When one of my roommates asked who Phillip Phillips was, I never imagined the conversation would end with, if you want to see him tonight go get free wristbands at the Union today.
The Great Minnesota Get Together // The 5 of us girls piled into my car and made the drive back to Minnesota for the State Fair and more fun. Three of us are from Minnesota, one is from around Chicago and the other is from Wisconsin. So we took turns showing our friends from out-of-town around the cities. We stuffed ourselves with Sweet Martha’s cookies and other fun food on a stick at the State Fair. We snapped some pictures and walked around the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. And we shopped ’til dropped at the Mall of America. It was a weekend for the books. 
Kitten // His name is Tux. And I am in love. Apparently my brother just brought home a kitten a few weeks ago that he got from a friend, and now my family loves him. Only, no one told me about him. But if there is any surprise to come home to a tiny new furry friend is certainly a good one. They named him Tux, because he’s black with white fur on his front side. But my little sister keeps calling him Sylvester. Whatever they want to call him,  I wish I could take him back to school with me. 
It’s hard to believe that classes have started, and summer is over. Where did the time go? Now it’s time to remember all the reasons to be excited to be on campus. I guess part of the reason I don’t want the summer to end is, because the start of the semester marks the beginning of junior year. It’s scary! Every year is that much closer to the “real world”, and I have no idea what life right after college will look like for me. Hopefully the future includes copious amounts of breakfast food and a decent salary to pay for all of it.