Life has been nuts. I was so proud of myself a couple of weeks ago for cranking out 5 posts in one week. But I knew that I should have saved one or two of them for the next week. I ended up only posting once last week. A few times I tried to write another one, but I think I was a little burnt out from overproducing the week before. Plus, I am in full stress mode about moving into my house in less than two weeks. From the dorms to an apartment to a house, I am having the full college experience. But boy do I wish I didn’t have to go through the process of moving again. 

We're Moving!

Every time I talk about my house with someone new the response is always the same, “You’re living with 8 people in one house?! Wow.” Sometimes I get the reassuring, “Good luck.” But I am excited! I like everyone that I am living with, and I know that it will be challenging sometimes with that many people in a house, but it’s college. It’s the time to live with your friends and learn how to make the best out of any living situation. I don’t need granite counter tops or stainless steel appliances to make me happy. I’m in college. I need good friends for good times, and I know I will be content. 
I can’t help but think, can’t we just skip past these few weeks and already be moved in? I am so tired of packing and cleaning. Half the time I am stressed out about making everything fit in my car and the other half I’m wondering how in the world I have acquired so much stuff by twenty. Whenever I go home I always bring stuff back to my apartment, thinking that if I bring it I will actually use it. In reality, I spend most of my free time with friends or my laptop, so I don’t need much else. 
We're Moving!
It’s hard to believe that it’s already August. Classes start in less than a month, and I am nowhere near ready for summer to be over. I always start to crave the structure again near the end of summer, but I am not ready to go back to all that comes with getting back in a routine. Can’t I just keep alternating between work, Netflix and the beach?

What are you most looking forward to before the end of summer? Do you have any fun plans for the last month?