One of the fun things about getting out of the dorms is that you have the opportunity to live with more of your friends. At first it seems like one big sleepover. Then, slowly you realize that having roommates is so much more than that. And there are so many things to thank your college roommates for.

Thank them for:

1. Listening to you vent.

2. Putting up with your weird habits.

3. Watching trashy reality shows with you.


4. Helping you decode/craft texts.

5. Staying up with you when you need some girl time.

6. Looking for your stuff when you are positive it is gone forever.

7. Telling you the truth whether or not something looks good.

8. Being genuinely excited for you when something good happens.


9. Ordering pizza with you, because sometimes you just need pizza.

10. Taking care of you when you’ve had a long night. 

11. Helping you move on from a relationship.

12. Understanding you when you have been at the library for 10 hours straight and can’t think like a normal person.

13. Reminiscing on all the great times you have had together at any given time.

14. Not judging you when you make questionable decisions.

What would we do with out our roomies?

Why are you thankful for your roommates?