Dear Summer,
I have never been in love. I have been in lust (as you can see here, here, and here). But with you it’s different. I promise this isn’t something I say to every other season.

The time I spend with you is extra special, because I know it cannot last forever. But the truth is I am happiest when you are around. You invite endless adventure and time to do everything I put off during the rest of the year. My smile is a little bit brighter when I’m with you. And I get a little sad when I think about what it will be like without you, but I am appreciative of the time I have with you now.Β 
I could spend hours gazing at the lakes on the warm summer nights. Mornings by the lake are serene. Afternoons by the lake are lively. And nights by the lake are a part of some of my favorite memories.Β 
I know our relationship isn’t always healthy, but sometimes you just want a little danger in your life for the thrill of it. You know? I’m tempted to forget the SPF 30, because of the beautiful glow I know I could have. But I know it’s not good for me.
It makes me giddy just thinking about all the fun times we still have ahead of us. The late night talks that last until we are convinced we have uncovered the meaning of life at 3am. The random ice cream runs, because it is too hot to eat anything else. And the spontaneous adventures that turn into stories we will tell for years.
I’m usually not one to broadcast my relationships, but I want the world to know about our love affair. I am madly and hopelessly in love with you, Summer.