That time of year is here again. Summer is so close, but it might feel like a lifetime away. Here are some tips for surviving finals week:

Step 1: Make sure to stay comfortable. The weather is warming up, and everyone is excited to bring out their spring wardrobe. Just remember to keep it comfy. And maybe wear some of your favorite outfits on test days. Dress well, test well. Right?

Step 2: Indulge in a little treat as a study break. Obviously you want to stay healthy during finals week, but a trip to Greenbush might be the extra motivation you were looking for.

Step 3: Take care of yourself. Don’t be the person at the library that has been in the same spot for eight hours and hasn’t showered in three days. Get some sleep, take breaks, and prioritize your health.

Step 4: Cut yourself off from the people that don’t have finals this week. Soon you will have your freedom, too, and you can resume those friendships.

Step 5: Get to the library early. As the week goes on, seats will open up as more and more people start to finish. But if you don’t get there early enough you will wander around praying to find a table. And don’t even think about finding a spot near an outlet.

Step 6: Stay focused. As your friends start finishing up, it can be tempting to get distracted while they celebrate. Study breaks are necessary to maintain your sanity, but just remember not to go overboard.

Step 7: Know when to stop studying. There is such a thing as over studying, and at some point you have to call it quits. It might be tempting to study up until the moment they ask you to put everything away, but at certain point you just know what you know.

Step 8: Have some confidence in yourself. You put the time in and studied hard, and now it is time to show those finals what you are made of.

Good luck with finals! The end is near.