Spring break. It might not be the longest of the breaks, but it is sometimes the most needed. Spring semester is always harder to make it through than fall semester for some reason. Despite the month-long break after first semester, you still feel a bit more run down than after the long summer break. It could have to do a bit with the weather. The warmth is teasing us, and we want to spend more time pretending it is nice out than sitting behind a desk.

This spring break my destination didn’t require sunscreen or swimsuits. But I also didn’t head straight home. After a full day of travel, I arrived at Ronald Regan National airport in Washington DC.

While I was in DC, I couldn’t help but think how happy I was to be there. As people talked about heading to the warmer weather for break, I got a little sad that I wasn’t going to get a taste of the warmer weather, too. Yet, despite the windy weather, I had one of the best breaks I have ever had.

Here are some reasons going to DC was better than going to PCB*: 

1. The food is better.

These heavenly pastries are called beignets. They are made from a deep-fried choux pastry–which is what éclairs and cream puffs are made from. After they cover them in powdered sugar, they give you chocolate, caramel and raspberry sauce to dip them in. You know that feeling of disappointment when you are done with something especially satisfying? It’s when you wish you could re-eat something because it was that good. Imagine that feeling times 10. Mhmmmm.

2. Chocolate bars are better than actual bars.

So now that I know that chocolate bars are a thing, my life will never be the same. Reasons why chocolate bars are better than real bars?

  • Chocolate > Alcohol
  • Wouldn’t you much rather a guy offer to buy you chocolate fondue than a drink? 
  • The worst you could be is chocolate drunk
  • You won’t have to worry about how you feel tomorrow or what kind of decisions you might make
  • Chocolate…… on chocolate

3. The sights are stunning.

Don’t get me wrong,  I am head over heals with the ocean. Sitting on the beach is one of my favorite activities, but this city amazes me. I walked around with my neck craned and eyes wide the entire time. I was a regular tourist–no shame. The sights are breath-taking. The history and the arcitecture of the city left me speechless.

4. The houses are better.

No matter your political views, seeing the White House is a must. Think about how many past presidents have lived in this one house. It’s crazy.

5. The guys won’t bother you.

Forget drunken frat guys trying to buy you a Corona. I’ve got Abe, and that’s all I need. As I walked around DC, through the streets and museums, I couldn’t help but geek out about all of the history that surrounded me. Getting to see some of the things I had only learned about in school or seen in movies in person was such a great experience.

So I didn’t get to hear the ocean waves or sit on the beach. Instead, I got to see one of my best friends, eat amazing food, and visit a beautiful city. I would call it a win.

We really wanted the Washington Monument to be in this picture.

*Insert any warm destination for spring breakers.