First dates can go one of two ways: you either have a blast and find someone you want to date, or you sit there planning your escape route.

Your first date experience is probably going to vary depending on where you met your date and whether or not you already know them. If you just met the person you are going out with, you might be a little more nervous. In your head, you want to come off as cool and carefree. After all, first impressions are everything, right? But what really happens when you are in the moment?

If you have never met your date in person before, you have to think about your first interaction.

Expectation: You will be really smooth and make him fall in love at first sight. 

Reality: Did we just hive five?

Expectation: You will be flirty and make fun conversation. 
Reality: You blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.
Expectation: You realize you are completely infatuated by the person, and the conversation just comes easily. 
Reality: There’s a lull in the conversation, so you start talking about things on the table.
I’m just going to keep sipping on water and hope he didn’t hear me. 
Expectation: He asks you to tell him more about yourself, and you want to tell him about involved you are.  You are passionate, yet spontaneous, and you are always open to new experiences.
Reality: All you can think of is how you spent all of last night studying, and the highlight of your week was watching Netflix.
Expectation: Your date will charm you with his funny side.
Reality: His sense of humor is completely opposite of yours, and you have no idea how to react.
Sometimes it takes a few first dates and awkward experiences before you find someone you actually want to keep dating. There’s nothing wrong with that. Think of it this way: every bad date is a great story. You can look back on the situation and laugh about it. Plus, when you find the one worth dating, you will be glad the other dates didn’t work out. 
And when the first date goes well, you will know it, because reality will meet your expectations.