8 Times Netflix Was Your Bad Night’s Saving Grace

Ah, Netflix. It is always there for us. Whether you are looking to unwind or find something to cheer you up after a long night, you can count on Netflix to have something for you.

1. Problem: You had a fight with your best friend

Solution: One Tree Hill: Peyton and Brooke have one of the best friendships of all time. Through ups and downs (and psycho kidnappers who pretend to be long-lost family members), these girls always have each other. So you had a fight with a friend. If she’s a true friend, you guys will get through this, and things will be back to normal before you know it.

2. Problem: You embarrassed yourself in front of everyone

Solution: How I Met Your Mother: Anyone remember Robin Sparkles? We all have embarrassing stories from our past, but who knows embarrassment better than a former Canadian pop start whose hit single was about going to the mall? If you haven’t seen this throwback video to Robin’s past, look it up now. It will change your life (or at least hopefully your night).

3. Problem: You found out your SO cheated

Solution: Friends: When someone you’re into hooks up with someone else, it hurts. Even if you were “on a break” or hadn’t officially defined the relationship, you don’t want to see someone you care about with someone else. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey will always be there for you, because how do you watch an episode without laughing out loud?

4. Problem: Someone tried to bring you down

Solution: Mean Girls: “Cady Heron, you are a mean girl.” Unfortunately mean girls aren’t just in movies. Sometimes you are going to encounter people that take pleasure in other people’s misery, and you have to learn to brush it off. A night spent with Karen trying to explain how her boobs can tell when it’s raining (because of her ESPN) might be just what you need.

5. Problem: You broke up with your boyfriend

Solution: New Girl: Who could forget when Jess first moved in with the guys because she had broken up with her boyfriend? She sat and watched Dirty Dancing on repeat and sobbed into a pile of tissues. And if you think that would work for you, Dirty Dancing is also on Netflix. But a good laugh with Zooey Deschanel will definitely turn your night around.

6. Problem: You drunk called/texted your ex

Solution: 21 & Over: In college, you are inevitably going to have the “Why did I do that?” kind of night. You will make mistakes. You will do things that you normally wouldn’t, and you will have to deal with the consequences. So calling or texting your ex wasn’t the best idea, but it happened, and you have to move on. The best thing to do in this situation is to realize that there are reasons that the relationship ended. It can be tempting to revisit old feelings, but in the end, it is probably not going to change anything. In 21 & Over, three friends learn that part of growing up is making mistakes, and those mistakes can help you mature and discover who you really want to be.

7. Problem: You saw your crush with someone else

Solution: Gilmore Girls: Who else was heartbroken watching Dean realize how much chemistry there was between Jess and Rory? It’s not easy seeing someone you are into hitting it off with someone else. But hopefully spending time with your favorite over-caffeinated Gilmores will help you forget about all of your worries. You can dream about what it would be like if you lived in Stars Hollow and how good a burger from Luke’s Diner really is.

8. Problem: You found out the person you’re into doesn’t want the same things

Solution: 13 Going On 30: Maybe the one you like is looking for different things. You are probably better moving on because you can’t force anyone to want the same things as you. Jenna wants nothing more than to be a desirable woman with a mature and attractive boyfriend. She shows that sometimes you have to be patient and open to other possibilities, and sometimes what you really need is right in front of you.

No matter what the situation is Netflix will always be there for you. Sometimes it helps to just know that someone else has experienced what you’re going through, and our favorite fictional characters have been through it all.

*This article was first published on Her Campus.