As soon as February hits, everyone starts thinking about Valentine’s Day. Some people detest it whether they are in a relationship or not, and others refer to it as Single’s Awareness Day. But if you aren’t in a relationship, it is really like any other weekend night with your friends.

On this day it starts to seem like everywhere you look there is another couple.

 The day might start off with a bit of cynicism.

But once the evening starts to settle in, you realize it’s going to be a great night.

1. Have a Girls Night Out. Break out the cute clothes you got on impulse buys over winter break. It’s the perfect occasion for a GNO.

2. Try New Recipes. Does anyone else pin everything recipe on Pinterest but never actually take the time to make them? Pick a theme or a type of food, and choose a few different recipes to try out with friends. You could make a whole meal out of it, or order takeout and just make desert!

3. Have a Party. You don’t have to fill your apartment or house to have a good time. Invite some of your single friends over, and who knows by the end of the night someone might have found their Valentine.

4. Plan a Classy Dinner Party. Want an excuse to get all dressed up? Make it a formal affair. Have someone bring a side dish, someone else bring a salad, and break out the nice glasses at dinner.

5. Make a Movie Run. It’s pretty tricky to see movies while you are on campus unless you know someone with a car. Now’s the time you could catch up on some of the movies you have missed this year on Redbox. Or get your friends and roommates to round up their DVD collections, and plan out your movie marathon.

6. Spend Some Time With Ryan Gosling. See if you can get a collection of Gosling’s best roles together. If you don’t have a date, you might as well have someone to swoon over.

7.  Get a Group to Go Out to Dinner. Don’t feel like making a meal? Plan a group dinner at nearby restaurant, or see if any of your friends have a car to open up your options. You might even want to make a reservation if you know how many people want to go.

8. Find an Event Around Campus. Check out the nearby venues to see if any of the bands you like are coming to town. Or maybe there is some events at popular places on campus or some student organizations that might be worth checking out.

9. Have a Gift Exchange. Instead of Secret Santa, plan a Secret Admirer’s gift exchange with friends. Set a $5 or $10 limit, and treat each other this Valentine’s Day.

10. Host a Girls Night In. Celebrate your singleness with a night filled with facials, food, and friends. Grab a few movies and your favorite nail polishes. Maybe even combine this with #2 to have snacks while you and your girls are relaxing.

11. Go to the Movies. If you are able to get off campus, check out the latest films with a large popcorn to pass around. Maybe you will even a group of cute single guys at the theater.

12. Go on a Scavenger Hunt. Ever seen the movie Sleepover? Those girls may have been graduating junior high, but that doesn’t mean that idea is juvenile. Set your boundaries around campus, and come up with a list of things to find or accomplish. You could even have a battle of the sexes with your guy friends and create a little friendly competition.

13. Make Breakfast For Dinner. For some reason eating pancakes for dinner sounds more fun than eating them as an actual breakfast. Get your friends to pick up whipped cream and maybe even some chocolate chips and sprinkles. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you will be extra prepared for a fun night.

14. Attend Someone Else’s Party. Just like any other weekend night, someone is hosting a party so you don’t have to. Go over to a friends apartment or meet up with friends who have somewhere to go. You might even meet some of your friends’ other single friends.

Valentine’s Day might seem like a commercial holiday that highlights the fact that your love life is non-existent. But it doesn’t have to be that bad! It is another night filled with possibilities. Don’t write it off before the it even begins, because it might just be one of the best nights of the semester.

A version of this post first appeared on Her Campus.