It never ceases to amaze me how much can change in a year. We are always looking forward to the future, dreaming of what it could bring and hoping that every day will be better than the previous. As with every year, 2014 had its ups and downs. The difference with this year is I learned how God’s timing doesn’t always align with our own plans. I believe it’s important to look ahead and do what you can to forge a good path for yourself, but this year more than ever I began to realize the power of the forces that we cannot control.

When I say God’s timing doesn’t always align with our own, I mean that sometimes we can have ideas about where we see ourselves in a certain amount of time or things that we want to happen, but sometimes things take longer. It’s easy to get into that “I want it, and I want it now” mentality. We want to make progress over night, and we want our dreams to come true, but it’s never simple. This year, the most important thing I learned was to remember that when we don’t get something we want it’s because there is something better in store for us. 

I am grateful for the downs that turned into ups, and I am grateful for all of the unexpected ups that made all the downs make sense. This year was one I will never forget.


  • I got to spend an entire month at home for break. 
  • I went skiing for the 2nd time in my life with friends from my dorm.


  •  I surprised my mom with a weekend at home for my birthday. I swear she looked like she saw a ghost before she started crying, because she was so happy I was home. It was the best.
  •  My friends made me the best birthday surprise ever (the video above)!


  •  I learned HTML and CSS and created my first web pages. 
  • The Badger Basketball team got into the Final Four! On Wisconsin!


  • I made my first podcast ever for a class project. 
  • I volunteered at the Wisconsin Film Festival.


  • I completed my freshman year. 
  • My floor had a bonfire bonding night to close out the year.
  • I started watching my 4 year old sister, Sydney. I even thought I would blog about it.


  • I discovered how massive the blogosphere is.
  • I decided to start taking my blog more seriously. And the construction began. 



  • I went to Basilica Block Party for the 3rd consecutive summer. 
  • I contributed to hitRECord–Joseph Gordon Levitt’s online production company.  
  • I got together with a couple of college friends to send another college friend birthday cookies. 


  • I decided to sponsor a blog for the first time.
  • I had my last day working at an Ice Cream and French Fries shop.
  • I moved into my first apartment.  
  • I ran my first 5K Color Me Rad
  • I started making blog friends! (This was one of the most exciting parts of diving further into blogging).



  • I declared my major in Communication Arts–the Radio, TV, Film track, with a Digital Studies minor.
  • I wrote my first sponsored post!
  • I signed a lease for a house next year.
  • I got to see two of my best friends when they came to visit for Halloween. 
  • I got to go to Q&A with TV writer, Stephen Falk.


  • I saw Ingrid Michaelson live!
  • I got to go to a Q&A with documentary filmmaker and UW Alum Jason Cohen.
  •  My grandma beat cancer!


  • My apartment hosted an Ugly Sweater Christmas party.
  • I finished my 3rd semester of college. 

A year ago, I wrote a New Year’s post that admitted I have always been a writer. It wasn’t easy for me. Being a writer is something I have struggled with for years. It is a part of my identity that I have had a hard time coming to terms with. It is not because I am ashamed of my writing–it’s something more than that. I guess part of it is that I have always feared that other people won’t accept me as a writer or that I will never become anything as a writer. This year changed that for me. I had people reach out to me to tell me how much they enjoyed reading my blog. Some of these people I hadn’t talked to in years or seen in forever, and I never imagined some of these people were even reading my blog.

There is nothing that compares to feeling of someone saying that what you love doing matters. At first, I even had to peek through some of my old posts wondering what ones people were referring to as “good” or “refreshing.” I questioned myself, because I had this constant internal battle over whether or not I had what it takes to go after my dreams. After a while, it really started to hit me that this is what I am supposed to be doing, and I couldn’t be more grateful to that have had this kind of encouragement. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported my passion. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me and told me that you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you to everyone who has made this year a dream come true. Your words mean more to me than you will ever know.

Happy New Year! And may 2015 bring you everything you are wishing for!

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