You’re hanging out with friends Friday night at the perfect holiday party. Michael Bublé’s Christmas album is ringing throughout the apartment. You’re in your favorite festive outfit, and you’re admiring all the holiday decorations. That’s when it happens: you’re underneath the mistletoe and you’re not alone. If it’s not with the guy you have had your eye on, you’re going to need an exit strategy.

*Internal thoughts*: This isn’t happening.

 What now? 

1. Gather some of your girl friends, and turn it into a dance party.

 2. Suggest you two hit the cookie table and dig in on the gingerbread men instead.

3. Point out something else in the room to distract him.

4. Turn the situation into an opportunity to get a few laughs from people the people around you.

5. Make up an excuse about something you’re supposed to do.

6. Freak him out by quoting something like The Notebook, and then walk away dramatically.

7. Or even better: tell him you have already been through this.

8. Mention that certain time of the month. You’re guaranteed to scare the guy away with that one. Works every time.

9. Or you could always go with a classic.

Hopefully you won’t be in this position this holiday season. But if you find yourself in a sticky situation, it’s important to have a game plan.

P.S. Results may vary.

This post first appeared on Her Campus.