The haters gonna hate…hate…hate… Wait, hold up! I am not TSwift. You wouldn’t believe how many times people have asked me if I am aware how similar my name is to Taylor Swift. Like. Oh. My. Gosh. I never thought about that before. 

 Love or hate her, Taylor Swift is still a big name in our culture. Her lyrics are pulsating throughout our radios. She is there for your break up–because you are never ever getting back together. Ever. She is there when you are turning 22–because apparently 22 is the new 21. And she is there shaking off all of the criticism, because the haters gonna hate…hate…hate… From the tear drops on her guitar to “this sick beat“, she is making her mark on this generation of music.

One thing she’s not doing is suffering from all the comments about how similar her name is to mine. Maybe someday we can do something about that when I am a big name in Hollywood (Power of positive thinking, right?). Until then, I continue to face the comments about this unfortunate coincidence. 

1. Did you now that your name is almost Taylor Swift?

What?! Mind Blown.
2. At first, I saw your name and thought it was Taylor Swift. But then I realized it wasn’t…

Really? That must have been a HUGE disappointment. 

3. You’ve probably heard this a million times time, but…

Not again. 

4. I don’t know about you. But I am feelin’ 22. 


5. Can you sing like her? 

I am a professional car-singer. Does that count?

6. Just kidding. She can’t sing–trick question. 

 Do you think before you speak?

7. Guys! My roommate is Taylor Swift. (Apparently my roomie liked to joke about this).


 8. Wait, so did your parents mean to name you after Taylor Swift?

 She’s not that much older than me… She definitely wasn’t famous when I was born. 

9. I’m going to call you T-Sweezy.

  Um…please no.

10. *No reference to Taylor Swift*: “Nice to meet you, Taylor!”

Hey! I just met you, and this crazy, but thanks for not mentioning TSwift, Baby.