This week I am participating in a link-up, “Snapshot Sunday”, hosted by Jessica from Seeking Individuality.  I wanted to share some updates, and I thought I would show a few of the most interesting moments in the past week. 
Last weekend I endured the 5-and-half-hour bus trip home for a special occasion. A friend of mine got married. I have to say I didn’t expect to attend a wedding for a friend this early, but it was such a beautiful ceremony. I am really glad that I was invited to be there. This sign was just one of the cute decorations that made their wedding that made me feel like I walked into a Pinterest photo. It was definitely an evening to remember. 
This Saturday we had our second home football game. The Badger games are definitely one of my favorite parts about fall at UW. They call it “The Sea of Red” as the crowds are gathered tailgating before the game all around you. Badgers of all ages are awaiting the “Let’s Go Red!” cheers and the various forms of the wave to circulate the stadium. The school pride is contagious. As we crushed the enemies (Final Score–Wisconsin, Badgers:68 // Bowling Green, Falcons:17), the student section erupted in cheer and high-fives with every touch down. Something about the classic “Jump Around” being in the rain made it even more exhilarating.
My mom claims she couldn’t get a good picture of her, because she wouldn’t smile right. But I think this picture of my little sister on her first day of preschool is the cutest thing I have seen in weeks. Maybe I am biased, but silly face or not, I think it’s adorable. Going back last weekend made me miss her even more, because I got to see how much she had already changed in a few weeks. At four-years-old she is constantly changing, and I am sad to be missing so much of it. But it makes our time together even more special when we get it.
Salted Caramel {Deliciousness} Latte. Yum. This morning I woke up with a sweet tooth, and a need for a caffeinated beverage. One of my roommates had told me about a cute coffee shop just down the street from us. It’s called “Indie Coffee”, and I am in love. Have you ever pictured a “Hipster Coffee Shop”? (Or is that something only I have done?) Well, you probably conjured up an image similar to this place. It was the perfect atmosphere (and coffee) to start my day. 
I will admit that I was feeling a little discouraged after facing rejection a few times this summer, but I realized this week that the reason I didn’t get them was because there was more waiting for me. I applied for a job over the summer that involved doing some office work, because it sounded more appealing than doing food service. Unfortunately, school started  and I had to return to serving food, doing dishes, and cashiering. I was less than thrilled. So when I came across a position for a local TV station, I thought This is it. This is what I need to start building a resume for working in the TV/Film industry. But when I started filling out the application I was intimidated, and almost didn’t turn it in. Boy am I glad that I went for it anyway, because I am officially an employee at said TV station! 
You might have seen that I was also accepted to write for the Wisconsin chapter of Her Campus last week. And as of Friday, I was also accepted into the Her Campus Blogger Network. It was such an exciting week. I am so thankful–being patient is difficult sometimes, but my mom always told me the familiar phrase, “You make plans and God laughs.” I was concerned with why things didn’t seem to be going my way for a while, but know I know that it was because He had more in store for me.
How was your week? What are you thankful for right now? 
Seeking Individuality