In this past few months I have written about Why I Write and what it’s like it’s like to be “That Blogger Friend“. I love talking about my writing, because it is such a big part of my life. Recently, Brittany from The Kardia tagged me in on this virtual blog tour, so I am happy to share the why this blog has become so important to me.
1. What am I working on?
Toward the end of summer I started to get a little bit restless about going back to school. I craved routine and something to keep my mind busy. But then I quickly realized why I barely wrote blog posts last year: there is not enough time. I wish I could blog four, five times a week, but that simply isn’t possible. Recently, I also got accepted to write for the Wisconsin chapter of Her Campus. So I will also have to put my writing efforts to work for them, too. In fact, I have my first assigned feature coming up soon–stay tuned for more details on that. 
2. How does my work differ from others of its type/genre?
Having a “lifestyle blog” gives you a lot of a lot of flexibility to write about. I am not a “mommy blogger” or a designer. However, being a college student makes me reflect on my experiences and dreams for the future. Through this blog I hope to help others find what makes them happy and encourage them to go after it. My blog is called Life in the Lost and Found Bin, because I am constantly looking for what I think will make me happiest. The thing is that happiness isn’t an tangible object that you can attain through enough time and hard work. It is something that is ongoing. You have to constantly search for it, and cherish it when you come across it. 
3. Why do I write what I do?
This blog started 3 years ago in my AP Comp class in high school. It was founded simply because it was an assignment, and it was they way that we posted weekly assignments. At the very beginning it was called, “Write Away,” which was inspired by my teacher’s blog “Yeah, Write.” I love that blog name. If you ever met her, you would know that it fit her personality pretty perfectly, too. 

I was one of the few people in my class to keep blogging, and I am definitely the only one to take it this far. For the past couple years I have been posting here and there when I was inspired. Now, I have a more clear vision in mind, and in the past couple of months I have really been working on growing my blog. I started sponsoring blogs, connecting with other bloggers in the blogging community, and I am posting on more of a regular basis. I think the reason I decided to write a lifestyle blog (instead of choosing a specific topic) was because of AP Comp. We had a lot of options and variety in what we could write about. I love that! I want to be able to share whatever I think is important or relevant. In the same way, I hope that people can connect with my writing and get something out of it. It makes my day when people let me know that something I wrote resonated with them.
4. How does your writing process work?
 I read other blogs all the time! It gives me inspiration and motivation. I also love when other people read my blog, so I like to make sure that I spend a lot of time showing other people’s blog love. If something someone else wrote really stuck with me, I will definitely give them the credit and link to their blog as my inspiration. 
As far as actually writing the posts, it can happen at any time and at any place. Over the summer I watched my little sister, so I would write before my mom went to work, while my sister was taking a nap, or late at night. Like I mentioned before, there is less time to write, but when I post whenever I have an open chunk of time and I am sick of doing homework/studying. 
I also use the “Wunderlist” app (you can download it on your phone and computer!) to keep a running list of my blog post ideas. After I write the post, I can check the box, and it disappears. Other times, I will actually start writing something and realize that I don’t have much else to say. So I leave it as a draft, and I come back to it when I have found more inspiration.

Up Next!
These ladies reached out to me from a “Grow Your Blog” group on Facebook. We all have a common goal, and I am thrilled to share these wonderful blogs. I cannot wait to hear more about your writing processes!
Lily from From Lily With Love. We just met in the blogging community, but I already know we will be good blog friends–if only for our love of Friends and Gilmore Girls. She also has a great taste in music! And she has a super helpful post on getting up early–which is much needed for some us sleep-deprived college students. Sit down, grab a cup of tea, and join Lily for a great start to your day.
Julianne from What the Bride Wore. This blog is about weddings! Whether or not you are planning a wedding any time soon, it is fun to look at the beautiful wedding dresses and must-have beauty products for summer weddings. It’s especially a great place to stop if a wedding is in your future.
Marissa from The Mint Green Mug.  It’s an adorable lifestyle blog–filled with everything from about what she would do differently on her wedding day to her tips about making a house a home.  Make sure to check out her Etsy shop, as well!

What’s your writing process like?