What’s new in the Life in the Lost and Found Bin?
Week one of sophomore year. Check. 
Loss of time management skills. Check. 
Updating Life in the Lost and Found Bin. Oops.
Today I am linking up over at A Mama Collective. I was actually inspired to do so after reading Jessica’s “Collective” recently on Seeking Individuality. 
Thinking About// What I want to do with the rest of my life. The beginning of a new semester is always interesting. You meet new people, which leads to awkward small talk–which, in turn, leads to “so what’s your major?” As I am undecided, answering this question is always interesting. Sometimes I say something like, “I want to do communication arts–the Film, TV, Radio track, and possibly double that with Strategic Communications through the Journalism school.” For classmates who understand the majors better I might say, “Comm arts and strat comm through the J-School”–because short lingo is always way more fun. But more often than not, I simply reply “I am studying film and advertising.” It is a a concise and understandable version of what I am considering the most. As I live a Life in the Lost and Found Bin, I don’t have it all figured out. But it is nice to have ideas about what I am most passionate about.

Excited For// This weekend I am going home for a friend’s wedding. I cannot believe one of my friends from high school is already getting married, but I am so happy for her, and I cannot wait to see her walking down the aisle. It will also be nice to be home for a weekend, even if it is a little earlier in the semester than I anticipated.

Reading// Class readings. So many class readings. My classes this semester all involve a large chunk of reading. It is obvious I won’t be doing to much reading-for-pleasure this semester. The other downside of this semester is I have a lot of course-required writing, which that leaves less time for writing things like blog posts and short stories. My goal is to keep up reading a few blogs every day, and writing a post at least twice a week. Cross-my-fingers it works out.
Watching// I have been attempting to keep up with the end of my favorite reality show, Big Brother. Given that I spend most of my time reading and doing homework now, there is not much extra time to watch TV. When I have watched anything, it has been mostly for social enjoyment. After the football game on Saturday, my roommates and I came back and crashed on the couch to watch She’s the Man. The only thing that might have been funnier than Amanda Byne’s at her best was one of my roommates constantly complaining about how unrealistic it was. We had to keep reminding her many movies are not known for their realism, as they are often imaginary events.

Listening to// “One Night Town” by Ingrid Michaelson feat. Mat Kearney. This song made my summer a little cheerier. A good friend told me he swoons every time Ingrid sings, “Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh.” These two are some of my favorite. I have even seen Ingrid and Mat at two different Basilica Block Parties. In my opinion, the singer-songwriter genre of this decade culminates in this uplifting duet.

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