The Girls Are Back In Town

These three words describe how I felt most of the time I have been here. After months of packing, waiting, and buying I am finally moved into my first apartment. This week has consisted of apartment-wide sleepovers in the living room, impromptu dance parties with my roomies, and wondering when we were going to get wifi.
Moving is hard. I thought that packing for college was rough–unpacking was so much more difficult. I still can’t remember where I put certain things, and I am figuring out how I want to organize and decorate.
I also don’t have a car here, and getting back into walking everywhere is more difficult than I thought it would be. We have already walked so much. I have blisters on my feet, and my legs are sore from moving my things and going to work. Whenever I try to be productive, I have this overwhelming feeling of wanting to collapse onto our lovesac and indulge myself in a little time with Rory and Lorelai Gilmore (any Gilmore Girl fans here?).
For the first few days I was here it was unbearably hot and humid, and on top of that when we got here we found out that there was only air conditioning in our living room. Our apartment is more like a townhouse. The living room is on the second level of the building, and then there are two more levels above that with the top level being a loft. My friend, Bridget, and I live in the loft–or rather, the closets of the loft. It sounds strange that we live in closets, but these walk-in closets fit an XL-Twin bed, a night stand, and there is still room at the end of my bed for more storage and a laundry basket.
But since heat rises, it was a completely different climate by the time you reached our room. Our roommates on the second floor didn’t even want to sleep in their rooms, which were considerably cooler than ours (and by cooler, I mean that you didn’t feel like you were melting quite as much as on the top floor). The living room was our little oasis, where we retreated to any chance that we got.
I probably would have blogged by now, except we didn’t get wifi until recently. We moved in Saturday, and we didn’t have Internet until Wednesday–it’s sad but in that time I felt so disconnected, because I do so much on the Internet. I couldn’t keep up with my favorite blogs, it was harder to catch up with emails on my phone (especially using up my data), and I couldn’t blog at all. Originally, I planned to get a few posts done last week that I would schedule for a couple days this week. In reality, packing and spending time with friends and family took up so much time and energy that there wasn’t a lot of time to write. So it has been especially hard to be away from blogging when it wasn’t by choice.
I also didn’t expect to be cut off from Internet this long. We were supposed to have a router from a friend of one my roommates, but that didn’t work out, and we kept thinking that it would. Finally, we went and got it ourselves, and we successfully hooked it up all by ourselves (no matter how much time it took us). Now, the only thing that stands between me and blogging is time. This year will be the ultimate test of time management. I have a full course load, a research lab, a job, and a blog. On top of that I want to get more involved in student organizations on campus. This will be another busy semester, but I am more ready for it than ever.
Despite all of the exhaustion, heat, and lack of wifi, it has been a great week so far. It feels so natural to be back in Madison and spending time with my college friends. We are nostalgic seeing our old dorm, we are thrilled to have our own place, and we are excited to see what everyone has been up to.
Right now I am:
I am back with my college friends, settling into our new apartment, and preparing for classes I am really excited about. What more could I ask for?
How has your week been? Did you face any unexpected troubles?