Discoveries From the Bin

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This summer the Bin has undergo many changes. I completely redecorated, but once I started, it couldn’t end there. The more I read other blogs, and the more I learned about HTML/CSS the more I wanted to change. It has been an incredible experience spending more time with my blog, and I have loved every minute of it.
Today I will even be featured on a blog I’ve mentioned before, “Life Could Be a Dream.” Check out one of my favorite blogs to see my feature and more. Jana has some really great posts–find some of here most popular posts here.
Check out some of my other favorite discoveries of the week.

From Her Campus–the UW-Madison Chapter–I found:
From Kiersten’s, “She is Fierce”, twitter I found:
From Whitney Blake’s blog I found:
From Gina Alyse’s blog I found: 
From The Daily Tay I found: 
Just another day from the Life in the Lost and Found Bin. Hope you found something you like. 
What have you discovered this week?
P.S. I updated my About Page, added a Contact Page, and I have a few new Must Reads.