How to Make the Most Out of the End Of Summer

How to Make the Most Out of the End Of Summer
Summer’s End…Already?
For students August usually signifies the end of a much-needed break. It’s usually not over right away, but you are already on the downward slope, and there is no slowing down from here. All of the things you want to do have to get done in August. Forgot you wanted to stay up all night having a Harry Potter marathon with friends? Now’s the time to do it. Forgot you wanted to take a spontaneous road trip? Now’s the time to do it. Forgot you weren’t ready for summer to end? Now’s the time to accept it. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but summer doesn’t last for ever. However, it is not over yet (for most of us–sorry if it is for you). So take this time to really make the most of what is left.
We are close to halfway through August. I already move into my first apartment a week from this Saturday. Last year it seemed like something we only talked about, an imaginary future that would never truly arrive on our doorstep. But this is for real now. My roommates and I spent 2 hours delegating who would bring what last weekend over video chat, and I still can’t believe we are actually moving in this soon. 
How to Make the Most Out of the End Of Summer
  1. Summer Bucket list: It’s never too late to make a tangible representation of what you want to do before summer’s end. Maybe if you have it written out, it will make it feel more official, and you can hold yourself accountable for what you want to do. It might be easier to make plans at the last minute or overdose on Netflix, but if you have bigger plans for this summer, make them happen. 
  2. Make Concrete Plans: Early June is the time to say “I am free whenever.” Mid August is the time to say “I am available at 6:30 on Thursday. Make time for me.” You don’t want to miss out on your final days with friends you won’t see for a long time because you couldn’t coordinate schedules. So make the time, and make sure you don’t miss out. 
  3. Live in the moment: Yes, summer is almost over. But it is not over, so don’t count it done and spend every second obsessing about what Fall will hold. Of course Autumn is filled with wonderful things, too–for many it’s big sweaters, Pumpkin spiced anything, or football season. These are all things to look forward to, but it is not time for that yet. Appreciate the sunshine and warm weather while we have it. 
  4. Take Advantage of End of Season Sales: But don’t go crazy. What you like now might not be the same by the beginning of next summer. So be cautious, but there are plenty of end-of-summer sales that are filled with wonderful items at a great price. I know I said “live in the moment”, but in terms of shopping, that’s usually not a good idea. After all, if I purchased everything my heart desired at that moment, I would be as much debt as my credit card limit allowed. 
  5. Have a lazy day: Forget everything I just said for a moment, and take a day off. Save all of the stuff I just mentioned for all of the other days of summer, and take one day to do absolutely nothing. You deserve some time to yourself to be a beach bum or even lounge around the house. For those over-productive types this can be the hardest one on the list. If you feel like you always have to be doing something, relaxing can be incredibly challenging. You’re thinking, The lazy bird didn’t catch the worm–or something like that. But sometimes your body just needs to be at rest. A day off will leave you feel refreshed and give you the energy to conquer anything you want to get done when you get back to work.