On Being Minnesoooooootan

 Stereotypes of Being Minnesotan

I am a midwestern. But to make it even better, I am from the land of 10,000 Lakes (Or around that. Who’s counting anyway?). If you aren’t from the Minnesota, you might have an idea of what a typical Minnesota looks like:

  • Way too friendly.
    • Minnesota Nice, am I right?
  • Enunciates nouns waaaaaaaaay too much.
    • You betcha.
  • Says things like “You betcha”.
    • That’s not even a word.
  • Always wearing a parka.
    • We have summer, too. And it gets hot–not like in the South, but it gets plenty hot. 
  • Plays “Duck Duck Grey Duck” instead of “Duck Duck Goose.”
    • We call it both, and some Minnesotans have never even heard it called “Duck Duck Grey Duck”.
  • Refers to drinks like Pepsi, Diet Coke, and Dr. Pepper as “Pop.

 Am I close? There have been many times in my life when I have met someone who has never been to Minnesota who has had a humorous idea of what Minnesota is really like.

So you like live in the middle of nowhere, right? I’ve heard it’s all farm land and cows poop everywhere. 

It’s like always winter, right?

Say “Boat.”

It’s called a bubbler.

First things first, in what world would there be cows going around doing their business where ever they please? That’s just gross and unsanitary, and why would you ever think that would be unacceptable anywhere? Secondly, ever heard of Minneapolis? While it is much smaller than Chicago, and much much smaller than NYC and LA, it is hardly farm land.

We don’t live in Antartica.

I will not say “Boat”. So maybe I pronounce certain words a little different than you–it’s not like the rest of the world except Minnesota has the same accent and dialect.

It’s actually a drinking fountain. So this one is specific to a West Wisconsin region, but since I go to school in Wisconsin I hear this quite a bit. This only originated because of good branding, like how we call a tissue a “Kleenex.” More here.

My friends from Wisconsin always make fun of my accent, but I honestly don’t think I talk differently then they do. And if I sound Minnesotan, it’ probably because I am from Minnesota. Duh. Either way, I am proud to be a Minnesotan. We have one of the best State Fairs in the country. We have one of the largest shopping centers in the country. We have many, many lakes.

Stereotypes of Being Minnesotan