Blog Envy

This summer I have been working a lot to improve my blog. Even though I have had this blog for three years, I have never been very consistent with it. I only posted when I wanted to–basically whenever I had time and deemed an idea worthy of writing about. This all started when I came upon the blog “Life Could Be a Dream.”

The one thing I distinctly remember is being so impressed with her blog. Soon I discovered that there was a lot more to the world of blogging than I ever dreamed. The power of hyperlinks is outstanding. By visiting a fairly popular blog, you discover more blogs: people sponsoring them, people collaborating them, and people creating for them. This blog has become like an unpaid job for me. I have been working hard to create a more aesthetically pleasing blog, with the necessary features to become successful.

I know that I still have a long way to go, but since these blogs have given me so much inspiration, I decided to give back a little. Check out some of my new favorite blogs.

1. Life Could Be A Dream
 Jana Toloman is a designer, life and style blogger, and a culinary school graduate. She has great posts on a variety of topics, and if you happen to want some blog consultation or redecoration, Jana is the person to go to. She also has many posts on tips for improving your blog and what makes a blog successful.

2. The Daily Tay
Taylor Wolfe is a stand-up comedian and writer currently living in Chicago. She is hilarious, stylish, and charismatic. Also, she has a pretty cool name.

The Daily Tay

3. The Modern Tulip
Maegen is The Modern Tulip. Stop by and be sure to peak through her boutique. You just might find something you have to have. (Also, you should definitely congratulate her on her recent news of a little one on the way. I don’t even know her, and I am excited for her!)

4. Living in Yellow
Erin is passionate a witty. Her blog is well-designed and fun to read. One of my favorite parts of her sidebar is her little introduction under her picture. It’s makes you feel comfortable right away.

Living In Yellow

5. Always Ashten
Ashten is a funny Californian currently residing in Georgia. It’s a lifestyle blog filled with lots of laughs. Be sure to check out her “Best of Always Ashten” page.

Always Ashten