DIY: How to Make Pinterest-Worthy Photos. Or Not…

DIY: How to Make Pinterest-Worthy Photos. Or Not...
My friends and I keep finding these cute friend pictures on Pinterest, and I will just admit it: we are really jealous. Sometimes we remind each other to try to be Pinterest-worthy, but like many things on Pinterest, we just can’t seem to get it to look like the original. Who are these Pinterest People? And why do they take such good pictures? Do they have people following them around, just waiting to snap photos of their friendship? And if so, do they also have hair and makeup artists or their own personal shoppers? Why does one of us always have to close our eyes or look like we are squinting? Maybe we should just take pictures from the back… but in all seriousness, I really like the photo above. And unlike these Pinterest-People, I will give you a few tips to make a photo like the one above:*
  • Bring people and cross-body purses.
  • Go to the Stone-Arch Bridge–or some other city-scene.
  • Make sure it is near sunset, but not too close to sunset. You don’t want it to be dark, because you are dealing with natural lighting here. Unless you did hire your own camera crew. If that is the case, proceed whenever your crew will follow you.
  • Ask a stranger to take a picture of you and your friends. (Disclaimer: you run the risk of not getting your smartphone back, but most people are pretty trustworthy, right?)
  • Track down (or hire, if you have the means) a biker in a blue shirt to ride at an angle that will place him between the last two people on the left side. 
Now you, too, can take heavenly “Pinterest-esque” photos.
You might not be able to tell how I actually feel about this photo, and like I said, I really do like it. I just had to mock the process a little, because my friends and I struggle to take the kinds of pictures we want to take sometimes. But shhh! Don’t tell anyone; that’s supposed to be a secret. It keeps things interesting for us.
Like I mentioned in my Summer Nights post, some of my best nights have been with friends. We take silly pictures, and talk until we can’t remember why/how we started a conversation that has gone on a little too long. People might back up and tip-toe out of the room if they walked in on some of our conversations out of fear of conversing with strange people. At the heart of it all we are just so close that we feel comfortable talking about anything, and I can’t think of way I would like to spend a night than with people like that. Maybe someday we will even have a Pinterest board dedicated to Pinterest-worthy photos our friendship. Or maybe not…
*Read this list with a thick accent of sarcasm.

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DIY: How to Make Pinterest-Worthy Photos. Or Not...

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