10 Must See Instagrams

So I love Instagram. I love that you can share little moments of your life with other people so easily. Sure, they are moments with carefully chosen filters, and often cropped to show just want others want you to see, but it’s pretty cool that we have the technology to do this. I will admit that I don’t like when people most constant selfies. If that is your most frequent type of instagram photo, I probably don’t follow you.

If you capture stunning landscapes, cool food shots, or make inanimate objects look special, I will give you lots of likes. Honestly, I wish I was better at taking photos. I have been working on it, but some of my friends have such beautiful instagrams. So today, I am sharing a few of my recent favorites from people I follow. Check them out, and look them up on Instagram if you appreciate good photos as much as I do.

In no particular order, I present you with 10 Must See Instagrams.