I RECorded

So it’s official. I have contributed to hitRECord. I have posted a couple of my pictures before, but they weren’t specifically for hitRECord. Finally, I made a video showcasing how cool hitRECord really is. For anyone who has never read my blog before, let me catch you up to speed: I LOVE Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And not in the kind of “ooh-ahh” he’s a beautiful man kind of way. I mean, don’t get me wrong, JGL is attractive–I can appreciate that. But it is more that I love everything he does. I can’t speak to the recent movie he released, Don Jon, in which he not only starred in, but also wrote and directed. I really wanted to see it! However, my dad told me given the rather sexual nature of it, I would probably be uncomfortable. But JGL is without a doubt my favorite actor, and I love his contributions to the creative community.

If you don’t know what hitRECord is, check it out here. You can also read the essay I wrote about it for one of the classes freshman year (Read here). It goes into further detail about what hitRECord is all about and why I think it is such a great thing to be a part of.

Preview of my essay:

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is often spotted at public events wearing a red circular button. It is the icon of his online collaborative production company, hitRECord. He launched the website in 2010, forming a community of artists to remix content and create new forms of art. Growing up he often used the phrase “hit record” to remind himself to stay creative whether it was through writing music, stories or filming (Sperling, 2011, p.2). His videos even begin with him asking, “Are we recording?” In a 2011 interview, Gordon-Levitt said, “That round [record] button became a symbol, a metaphor for taking things into my own hands and doing it” (ibid). HitRECord features artists defying the traditional means of production in a participatory culture that facilitates innovation and creativity, creates a community revolved around collaboration, and encourages people contribute their talents to benefit the community at large.

Check out more of my records on hitRECord.