Construction Ahead. Please Be Patient.

Hey guys! Life in the Lost and Found Bin is currently under construction. You may notice some changes right now, and I will be updating until further notice. I am playing with the layout and look of the site to fit the needs of a maturing blog. As I have been working on this blog for almost three years, I would like to do some updating to display some of my new skills. I want this blog to show my writing and creative abilities. Right now I am feeling limited with the amount that I can change because of the templates and options that Blogger gives me. However, although I have created a website using HTML and CSS already, hosting it is a lot more complicated than it may appear every time you log on to your favorite sites. I will try to keep posting while I am updating, but I am focusing on improving the blog as a whole right now.

Thank you for reading my blog! I always appreciate the views, and it means a lot to have people supporting what I love to do. Stay tuned, because there is always something to share from the Life in the Lost and Found Bin.