Christmas is Coming

 It’s that time of year again, and I couldn’t be more excited. The snow is finally falling, Christmas music is playing in every retail shop you go in, and the stringed lights are lining the streets. This weekend, I got to go to Chicago for the first time, and it was one of the best days I have had this semester. It was finally started to feel like Christmas.

With an Eggnog Latte in hand, and an open agenda, I set off to explore the city with friends. We went straight to the Bean and took our cliche pictures in the reflections. We headed to Michigan Avenue and went straight to the shops, spending hours admiring clothing and jewelry–even though none of us actually bought anything all day.  We even got a free sample of the peppermint bark from the Ghirardelli chocolate store.

I felt like the typical tourist, in awe of the magnitude of the buildings–I walked with my neck turned up, trying to take it all in. It felt like a movie, maybe because there are so many different movies set in Chicago, and maybe because as I looked around me, it felt magical. We watched the people ice skating in the park, and it seemed like there wasn’t a better way to spend the morning.

There was a point in the day where all we could do was sit, exhausted by the constant walking and the over-stimulation of the buzzing city. But even when we were resting, I was enjoying it. This was a break from a reality, without homework or the stress of worrying about tests and papers. It was the best way to commence the holiday season and spend time with the girls. We realized that after a few minutes of browsing in stores, we would stop and start talking in the middle of the crowds. It was like we traveled 2 and half hours on a school bus to have extended girl talk.

There isn’t another way that I would have rather spent my Saturday. The Christmas season is here, and all my wishes are coming true.