Relax and Be Easy

I often find solace in music. It’s like a place that I go to escape and reflect. For me, it’s easy to find meaning in other people’s words. Sometimes they are just vague enough to apply to your own situations, or you find certain lines that you relate to. As I have said many times before, there’s a lot that goes on in my head. Music helps to organize my thoughts and help me better articulate what I’m thinking.

A few days ago my brain was on overload so much that I couldn’t concentrate on anything. You know in a movie when they show a flash of images that lead up to a dramatic conclusion? Or when you’re flipping through channels really fast and all you see is a sequence of images and clips? That’s what my brain felt like the other day. Sometimes the electronic noise helps to drown all of that out and reorganize my thoughts. 
The great thing about music is that there is pretty much a song for everything. There are different artists to accompany particular moods. There are songs that align with situations and might even help to explain parts that you can’t seem to understand. There are even lyrics that change your perspective completely. 
Recently, I found a song that related to what I’m learning in my classes right now, and I was able to pull lyrics in an academic blog post to further my points. It was great. 

Whether you are feeling stressed or just need some time to relax, music can be a great release. It’s so important to take the time to do the stuff that keeps you on track. Sometimes you need to focus on what’s going to get you through the day. It’s easy to get caught up in all that you have to do and be stuck in the mindset that you have to “go-go-go!” But if you are on constant overload, you’re not going to be productive anyway. 

There’s even a song that goes with this post*: 
Lay back and be easy Just take your time, let it go, live freely 
Be Easy Just relax, lay back, Be Easy 
Take your time, let it go, live freely

This doesn’t mean that you should be lazy and forget about everything, but sometimes you have to remind yourself to take a breath and relax your mind for a little while. It’s the only way to keep yourself from going crazy. 
*“Be Easy” by Kinetics (the same song I connected to the academic blog post but with a different part of the song)