Classes haven’t even started, and I can tell that I made the right decision. It’s official, folks: I’m a college student. My clothes are crammed into every crevice that they would fit in with the miniscule space we have in the dorm. Getting on my bed could be compared to parkour: basically the goal is to land on the bed without killing yourself. And I now have to wear flip-flops in the slower. On the plus side, our room is decked out in pictures and Christmas light, which couldn’t make me feel more at home.
But if you have ever been to college, you know that the dorm isn’t that much of a concern. We have walked so much that every time I sit down, I feel how much my legs and joints hurt. Yet, I really can’t complain, because these few days have been such an adventure.
On my way to college I had first-day-of-school jitters, butterflies in my stomach and all. By the end of the day I had a group of girls to hang out with, and I was worry free, because I realized that everything was going to be ok—now, I know it will be more than ok. This year will be great.
I have experienced my first college football game. I have met more people in the last few days than I could have ever dreamed. And I have received papers, pamphlets, and random free stuff galore.
Right now, I am figuring out where I fit in within this larger Lost and Found Bin, and I couldn’t be more excited to find out where I fit in here.