Turn It Up

There’s nothing quite like a good Pandora playlist. Today at work my boss and I kept raving over the playlist he found, because some of our favorite songs were coming on. It made the day so much more enjoyable.
There are only a few words in the English language that I can’t seem to comprehend no matter how many times I hear them: “I. Don’t. Like. Music.” Excuse me, what? It sounded like you just said that you don’t like music, but I know I was mistaken because how can you not like music? With so many genres and artists, how can you not find something to like? It must so far beyond comprehension for me, because I am so insanely in love with it.
Music can change your mood, enhance your day, help you cope, teach you lessons, confirm your feelings, make you feel like you belong, and the list is endless. There is a song for everything. People have literally written songs about their cats… I mean, if you haven’t found a song to relate to, you clearly aren’t looking—or listening.
I wrote a blog post about a year and half ago about Sara Barielles—and how much I want to be her (which hasn’t changed, just for the record). Since then, she has grown even more as an artist, and I have grown to admire her even more. I truly believe that she is under-recognized and under-appreciated.  From her lyrics to dancing, she is outstanding, and I’m so impressed with her latest album, “The Blessed Unrest.”
If you haven’t seen the video for her hit single “Brave,” CHECK IT OUT HERE.
And seriously, if you are one of those non-believer in music, please check out my side links. Pandora and Spotify are my favorite for finding new music. There is something out there for everyone! So listen closely, and turn it up.