Middle School Teacher Suspended for Playing Macklemore in School

If you had the chance to read my post “‘No freedom ’til we’re equal. Damn right I support it”-Macklemore’“, I talked about the song “Same Love” by  Macklemore. He speaks out on social issues as well as being open and honest about his struggles with drug addiction. Yesterday on Twitter I saw that he tweeted about a middle school teacher in Michigan suspended for playing this song in school. Macklemore shared the article about the suspension, a letter from one of her students, and he even wrote a blog post about it.

“South Lyon teacher supsended for playing a song about being gay”
Read the full story HERE.

“I believe that Ms. Johnson getting suspended is completely out of line and unjust. However, I think it’s important for moments like these to be exposed and for us to pay attention and respond.” (Excerpt from his post.)
Continue reading his blog post HERE.

Macklemore goes on to say “It [“Same Love”] was written with the hope that it would facilitate dialogue and through those conversations understanding and empathy would emerge.” Through music we can find a common understanding that can’t be found in any other form of communication. Maybe we can’t completely cure homophobia or create that kind of equality in the U.S. right now, but if just one person can see a different perspective because of something like this song, it might all be worth it.