Pumpkins, Spice, and Everything Nice

Sometimes we all need a day of enjoying the fallish things (fall·ish adj. an acitivity that seems like something you would do in fall).

Any kind of Pumpkin drink is greatly welcomed. It’s sweet. It’s warm. It’s fallish. It just feels right. We surround ourselves with the things that will make us feel comfortable. In the fall we want a warm sweater, a warm bevarage, and a warm setting to relax in. It’s the season of comfort.

My favorite part is the sweaters and the scarves. At times, overheating is an issue, but being warm and being comfortable are often synomous feelings. I’m the girl who starts taking advantage of her car’s seat heaters as soon as the air starts feeling crisper. I like sitting next to the fireplace with a good book and forgetting other things in life exist. Because in those moments, I feel completely at home.

 But as much as I love sitting next to the fireplace, my favorite place is my room. I have multicolored Christmas lights lining my ceiling. Every night, I crawl into my bed, plug in my lights, and forget about the rest of the world. It’s the only place I am completely me. The pictures that cover the walls, the artwork that I created, the trophies and frames, they’re all mine. I chose each photo for a specific reason. I painted each subject from my imagination. And I earned every award displayed.

My room is not only a reflection of a my past, but also a physical model of my personality. It shows my quirks. It shows my ability to create. And it shows my constant struggle with keeping everything in my life organized.

So on these fallish days, if I’m not out tugging on Apple trees or raking up endless piles of leaves, I’m likely snuggling with a paperback and a warm cup of something pumpkin flavored in my comfort of my own bedroom.