I Wanna Go Dumpster Diving

No, I’m not crazy—I promise. Ok, I might be slightly eccentric, but that has nothing to do with my sudden urge to dig through garbage. While other people in my grade are recovering from homecoming and parties, I’m spent yesterday afternoon in a Caribou with one of my best friends applying to college. My version of announcing I drank too much was the result of finishing off a Carmel Northern Lite Latte and a glass of water, and I am not ashamed to admit that—in fact, I’m proud.
I decided to do some research to help write one of my personal statements for one of my applications, and I found some pretty interesting organizations at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. With a whopping 801 organizations, they offer clubs like the “Anthropology Circle”, the “Archery Club”,  “Badgers Wear TOMS”, “Bucky Buddhists for Peace” and, of course, the “Dumpster Diving Revolution.”
Wait, what? Madison is saying that they support their students sifting through trash as an organized activity. That was my initial reaction, but digging further into the situation showed me there was more beyond the surface of their project. These kids aren’t just poor college students who look for other people’s leftovers.
These students want to reduce the amount of garbage that goes into landfills and increase the amount of donations that go to families in need.
I’m impressed.