As if this weekend could have gotten any better, my favorite actor hosted Saturday Night Live. I have the biggest crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt, so you can imagine my excitement when he tweeted about coming on SNL.

I am not exaggerating when I call this the best SNL monologue of all times. I thought guys couldn’t get any better than Channing Tatum in Magic Mike. That was until I saw Joseph-Gordon Levitt give his Magic Mike  performance. As much love as I have for Channing, no one can compare with JGL. In the words of Steve Carrell’s character in Crazy. Stupid. Love., he is just the perfect combination of sexy and cute.

I have to admit that Joe sure had his awkward years earlier on. But with any love, you have to overlook certain things. Some people have to forget that the object of their affection had long hair in high school. Or that one of his or her feet is bigger than the other. Or that he/she use the word impactful. Ever. (If you don’t know the problem with that, I’ll let you off the hook this time. But every grammar nerd who read that sentence cringed a little.)Whoever loves me in the future might have to overlook my obsession  fascination with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I have this theory that if we actually have soulmates, they appreciate at least two main things that we do. If my theory is correct, my soulmate owns at least one Jason Mraz CD, and he has seen Inception more than once.

It could easily be this guy.