"May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor"

Why am I referencing a book series about fighting to the death in an arena? Because sometimes high school feels like that arena. Sure, you could probably make more than a few Mean Girlsreferences to our school as well. But when the odds are against me lately, I think of the Hunger Games. This may seem melodramatic, but haven’t you ever felt like fate hates you?

 Today, fate smacked me in the face so hard that I swear I could hear “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” playing in the distance. By the end of the day I was more than ready to volunteer as a tribute for the next games.

The Hunger Games

The night has given me some time to think. And while fate is still on my bad list, it still has time to work itself out. Maybe everything will turn out for the best. I know this is all very vague, but sometimes you don’t need all the details to understand a dilemma. My problem isn’t that important.

The important question right now is do you think everything happens for a reason?