A Year of Lasts (Seniors! Seniors!)

As we try to reel in those last few moments of summer, we begin to realize all the things we are doing for the last time this year. We have our last s’mores, our last trips around the lake, and our last chance to save our sanity before we go back to the madhouse.

Yesterday life smacked me in the face—literally—and it told me a few things. A football came flying across the beach and knocked me in the side of the head as I sat at the edge of the lake watching the last bit of summer being sucked from under me. Normally, I wouldn’t have been so forgiving of the source of my pain, but as soon as it happened, I realized it scared me more than anything. It didn’t make me mad that the side of my face stung or that my straightened hair was wet with fish infested water. Instead, I smiled and tossed the football back.
It didn’t bother me that the football hit me because I was lightening up. I was accepting anything life had to throw at me—no matter how cheesy that may sound. For now, my life is about the lasts.
That was the last time to go the beach for the summer.
I had my last fun nights out of the summer with my best friends.
And tomorrow, I will start my last year of high school.
Part of me is excited to see my friends and the teachers I love (Yes, I actually think some of my teachers are awesome, and I’m so excited to see them, again.). The rest of me could use another week. Another week to relax. Another week to do my own thing. Another week to sit around and blog because this has become my new favorite pastime.
Unfortunately, I am summoned by law to show up at this big old building at 7:30 tomorrow. So, I will leave you with this:
My goal is to blog at least twice a week this year. Sometimes I will blog more, but I am now a hostess, a high school student, and an executive committee board member of my school’s volunteering club. I have a bit on my plate this year.
My challenge for you: find something that you care about enough to make a goal to commit to it like mine! Good luck.