Awkward. (Part 1)

The days left of summer are limited. We only have so much time to go the beach, bike around the lake, hang out with friends, sleep until noon, and watch unlimited hours of T.V.—or in my case, online episodes of MTV’s Awkward.

I made it through the first season (12 episodes) in three days of late-night T.V. watching. This show is addicting. I love every single character on this show. Let’s go through a few of them.

Jenna Hamilton (the main character)

Age: 16

Grade: Sophomore
Interests: Blogging (See why I connect with her? Love it)

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Jake Rosati (Lingering feelings for Matty McKibben because she was in love with him first)

Facts: She received a letter in the beginning of the show and had an accident that led people to believe she tried to kill herself.

She hooked up with Matty McKibben at summer camp and felt like he thought he was too good for her in public because he wouldn’t DTR (define the relationship).

Friends: Ming, Tamara
Enemies: Sadie, sometimes Lissa

Matty McKibben

Grade: Sophomore

Relationship status: Single. Trying to win back Jenna.

Interests: Jenna
Jake “Hottie” Rosati

Grade: Sophomore

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Jenna Hamilton (broke up with Lissa because he kissed Jenna and was really into her)


Grade: Sophomore

Friend: Lissa

Enemy: Jenna Hamilton

Main phrase: “You’re welcome”
Valerie (the counselor)

Occupation: School guidance counselor (eventually made VP of the school by blackmailing the current one with a tape she had never even seen)

Friends: She thinks Jenna

And there’s more! I’ll share the rest of my favorite characters from Awkward in a post called Akward. (Part 2). Look out for it. Plus, I have more to catch up on! Go watch Awkward on I promise, you won’t regret it.