Can I have that deep fried on a stick?

The Great Minnesota Get-together offers a variety of food options to meet the likings of any Minnesotan with an appetite. Whether you like your pickles fried or on stick, the State Fair has you covered! And if you’re looking for something deep fried, we’ve got everything you can imagine, from deep fried candy bars to deep fried Catfish tid-bits. But maybe you’re more of a bacon person—don’t worry, you won’t go hungry. Big Fat Bacon, deep fried bacon, and even bacon flavored ice cream are waiting to change the way you look at bacon.

Deep Fried Candy Bars
At the Minnesota State Fair, there are three things that you can guarantee:
  1. You will find something you want on a stick.
  2. You will try something that you think looks gross, and it will become your new favorite thing.
  3. You will go home fat.

With so many delicious options, you can’t resist eating a little bit past your comfort zone. And if you’re like any other Minnesotan, you eat so far past being comfortable that even the Sweet Martha’s cookies stop looking appetizing. That being said, you usually come to that conclusion after about the seventh cookie—if you’re lucky, the eighth. Actually, no one bothers to count the number of cookies they eat, because if they did, no one would be able to stomach how much fat they’re consuming. It’s disgusting. But it’s also delicious. There’s a reason everyone’s walking around with bucketfuls of these things.
If your mouth isn’t watering from bringing up the Sweet Martha’s—well, first of all, you’ve either never had them or something’s wrong with you—then I should probably bring up the Fresh French Fries from that big yellow buildings over by the Midway and near the International Bazaar. It’s best to get these fries before you’ve eaten yourself sick, because this year was the first time in a while that I did that, and I almost died.n (From how good they were.) The hot, salty potato made me melt to the ground in satisfaction. Keep in mind, that we’re at the State Fair, and while it’s the first day, the whole place is stinking filthy already. But I couldn’t help it. That first one was the best I’ve ever had. This all may seem dramatic for a fair, but if you’ve ever had one of these fries, you understand that the all the hype about them is warranted.
I want to talk about all the people at the State Fair, but I’m so sick from all the food I ate today that I will just leave you with one image. Nanny McPhee.